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New Technologies generate new opportunities for patients and afford continuous education for dental professionals.

Today’s dentistry has rapidly grown into a world of great innovations. CAD/CAM and digital networking play a fundamental role in dental practices, clinics and laboratories – influencing everything from diagnosis to patient management. Our mission is to bring your skills as a CONSUSIS Smile Atelier Partner to the next level to become forward looking and high skilled. Certified partners of the CONSUSIS Smile Atelier Program will be able to provide a bundle of advanced dental technologies to patients that are carefully adapted to each other.

Patients of the CONSUSIS Smile Atelier Network will enjoy the benefits of today’s dentistry using state-of-the-art concepts and technologies provided from high skilled dental professionals within the CONSUSIS Smile Atelier Community.


The Right Tools. The Right Service.

With the customized CONSUSIS Smile Atelier Education & Mentoring Program you will learn all the skills and tricks to provide your patients with premium dental services. You’ll upgrade your skills in small groups or even in individual training sessions.

You will use latest intelligent tech developments, enjoy live experiences, hands-on trainings and a customized support.

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Accurate Multidisciplinary Diagnosis

In interaction between patient and dental specialist to provide personalized treatment powered by intelligent digital technologies.

Intelligent Adaptive Diagnostics

Once the esthetic and functional requirements of the restoration are combined with the desires and emotional needs of the patient, a great result will be achieved – a natural, confident and beautiful smile.

Digital Dentistry

Integrating a new set of skills, implementing new digital dental workflows in the everyday practice, learning new rules and regulations in digital dentistry.


To visualize and analyze Dental / Occlusal Force / Mandibular Movement / Physiological Data.
Mapping movements to Dental & Medical Diagnostic Data.
Establishing Dental Diagnostics & Smile Design using Anatomical and Postural Data.

Artistic Customization

Artistic ceramic layering and restoration customization to match the beauty of natural teeth perfectly.


Only the hand of the Master can complete the missing link in the process of creating truly remarkable natural restorations.

Scientific Studies
Years Of Experience
Years Of Continuous Development


DR. CARLOS REPULLO, DDSCEREC & Advanced CEREC Implant Dentistry
Dr. Carlos Repullo, DDS graduated from the ISCS-SUL in Lisbon, Portugal. He has 16 years experience in Implant Dentistry and currently practices in Sevilla, Spain.
He received his degree in Implant Dentistry by the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of England (London UK). He is also certified CEREC trainer by the International Society of Computerized Dentistry, ISCD, Apollo DI trainer and graduated of the Sirona Speaker Academy. He is a Member of PEERS Iberia and Dentsply Implants.
Currently he is involved in the new CAD/CAM materials research at Leeds Dental Institute, (MSc in clinical Dentistry, LDI, Leeds, UK).
He is member of the Academy of Digital Dentistry, Co-founder of CADDENTAL Academy and Sirona CEREC Advocate.
Dr. Repullo lectures about CAD/CAM Dentistry, Digital Implant Dentistry, Guided Surgery and CBCT in English, Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries.
Dr. Carlos Repullo is Head of the CONSUSIS Education & Training Program.
CEREC 100%
Advanced CEREC Implantology 100%
Dr. Kunkela is an innovative Czech dentist with extensive experience in prosthodontics, restorative dentistry, preventative care and dental marketing. He is also a beta tester for Sirona
He currently presents his research in Czech Republic, USA, Germany, France, Ireland, Malta, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. He is member of the CONSUSIS MASTER BOARD and organizes practical courses in prosthodontics and CAD/CAM dentistry at his training facility in the Czech Republic. His studies are published in the dentistry journals Quintessenz, International CAD/CAM Magazín, Dental Tribune and DentalCare Magazin.
Dr. Kunkela supports using of Smile Design inside CEREC software, Digital Smile Design Concept and Software, G-Design Software and SKYN Concept in manual and digital version.
CEREC 100%
Smile Design 100%
DR. DANIEL VASQUEZ, DDSCEREC & Smile Design, The Dancing Teeth
Dr. Daniel Vasquez, an alumni graduate in 1990 from University Autonomy of Guadalajara Mexico, after graduated from dental school returning to Southern California. In 1995 he became a licensed Dentist in the State of California. In 1999 he opened his first dental office in Vista, CA and in 2009 he opened his 100% digital dental office in Oceanside, CA.
In addition to his doctorate degree in dentistry, he completed special training in oral surgery, Endodontic, Dental Implants, Orthodontics, Conscious Sedation DOCS, Cosmetic Dentistry and Neuromuscular Dentistry at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute.
He is a member of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation DOCS. He also is a fellow member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologist and a certified Fellow Laser Dentist at the World Clinical Laser Institute.
Dr. Vasquez is a Patterson on site CEREC® Trainer, Mentor at Scottsdale Center of Dentistry with CerecDoctors.com, an active member in the San Diego CEREC® Study Club and Club cerec.com and a Mentor and member of the CONSUSIS MASTER BOARD. He is also part of DentalTown.com/CEREC® Forum, a super Admin of Dentaltown en Espanol.com and an admin of CEREC® En Espanol Facebook.
He is co-founder of CEREC® En Espanol assisting Spanish speaking CEREC® doctors from the U.S. and Spanish speaking countries. He educates CEREC® Doctors for CONSUSIS in English and Spanish. Dr. Vasquez practices in San Diego CA.
CEREC 100%
Smile Design 100%
CLAUDE SIEBER, CDTFine Art Photographer & Master Ceramist
Claude Sieber began his career by completing his studies in Art and earned his professional certification from the government of Switzerland during the early 1970s, completing his apprenticeship in a small dental laboratory in Basel.
Over the next years , he worked for several dental laboratories gaining additional work experience. His practicum took him to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he worked a long while with Professor Olympio Pinto, perfecting his style of natural tooth simulation.
Claude Sieber has been the owner of a specialized dental laboratory in Basel Switzerland since 1984 and in 1990 he dedicated a training facility to the advancement of Expert Dental Ceramists.
He is working for dentists worldwide and focuses special interest on interior tooth replacements. He is member of the CONSUSIS MASTER BOARD.
Claude has lectured extensively throughout the world and his original work in the fine Arts and Photography are prominent in his visual and physical presentations. Claude Sieber was instrumental in the development of Vitas Spinell porcelain, Vitadur Alpha, Akzent Stains, Interno Color Effects, Omega 900 Porcelain Systems, the 3-D Master Color Shade Guide and the new VM Material.
Fine Art Photography 100%
Master Ceramist 100%
EDDIE CORRALES, CDTCEREC & Smile Design, Cad Smiles
Dentists know Eddie Corrales as a charismatic and motivated professional who is fun to work with. Often referred as the ‘Artist behind the Smile,’ his education as a ceramist began at Dental Technology Institute, where he graduated with high distinction at the early age of 18. After gaining industry experience, he opened the doors of his state-of-the-art-lab, Downtown Dental Designs in San Diego CA, in 1997 where he practices the art of smile design. Unique in his approach, Eddie seeks the perfect smile by creating a completely natural restoration, precisely tailored to each smile he designs. As a LVI and PAC-Live graduate Master Ceramist, he constantly seeks industry excellence. His lab is part of the CEREC® Connect Network, web-based Digital Impression transmission from the dental office to the lab.
As an innovative educator and active advocate of advancements in technology, Eddie’s passion for a growing industry is demonstrated by his enthusiasm to share his knowledge with others. Staying at the forefront of dental technology, he offers everything from digital imaging and custom photography to cutting edge techniques, keeping a synergistic working relationship with some of the top cosmetic dentists. He is also founder and CEO of Cad Smiles, an innovating way to help Doctors chairside, using CAD-CAM technology to achieve cosmetic cases in only one day.
CEREC Cad Smiles 100%
Master Ceramist 100%
Passionate about his profession, he defends an approach to high quality dental prosthesis.
After a scientific Bachelor, he obtained a patent for the Master National Higher Institute of Handicrafts.
He continued his training in Germany and then created the dental laboratory DENTAL-TECHNICAL-BERGER in Marly near Metz, France in 1989.
The laboratory became Master Lab VITA, developing dentures in the fields of ceramics, combination work, implantology and esthetic functional restorations. Eric is also a beta tester for Sirona InLab.
The close collaboration between the dentist and the technician has proved an unconditional quality factor. Studies of the various techniques of dental ceramic (porcelain fused to metal, pressed ceramic, computer-aided design etc.) laboratory led to the creation of a unique ceramic. Final colorimetry studies and research customization of each case led to a specific dental Concept of Art and Ceramics.
Eric is an international speaker and trainer for CEREC InLab and for esthetic lab site treatment services. He offers a comprehensive and intensive training program for doctors and labs at professional partner´s destinations or within an individual training, even as an online training program. He is a partner and member of the CONSUSIS MASTER BOARD and he publishes regularly in the dentistry journals Quintessenz, International CAD/CAM Magazín, Dental Tribune and DentalCare Magazin.
CEREC InLab 100%
Esthetic Smile Design 100%

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